YOUR CONSULTANT IS Allison & Andrew Wolfe

My Story

I joined Scentsy back in February 2013. When I first joined I knew I needed some extra spending money since I was working only part time at my other job. I was living in a one bedroom apartment near Austin, TX by myself and had no other income. I NEEDED Scentsy!! Of course, I had always used Scentsy in the past and never thought about selling it really for income, but rather for that awesome discount to support my Scentsy habit!

Only 15 days into being a Scentsy consultant I had acheived the Shooting Star Award and by just 70 days I had earned the Scentsational Start - Level 2 Award!! That was awesome! I started the business with a BANG!! I had gone from paying my cell phone bill, to my electric bill, to even my ENTIRE MONTH'S rent with my commissions from Scentsy. I don't know about you, but that is pretty darn awesome since my rent was almost a mortgage payment amount. So I quickly learned what Scentsy could do for me and what I could do for other customers by recreating EXPERIENCES through SCENTS! 

That's exactly what it is......SIMPLE!! It is great to share something with people that is not complicated!  You share the wonderful scents with people and they immediately have memories of their childhood, when their babies were born, their wedding day, or better yet...their honeymoon!  But no matter what the memories's the smell that sells!  Once I figured that out, I never looked back.  I have embraced that Scentsy likes to keep things simple and authentic.  It makes my life and business alot easier to manage. 

Fast forward a year into March 2014, my husband (Andrew) and I got married. While we both had our own jobs, we still enjoyed being able to be a part of Scentsy. It allowed us to have extra income to either pay for an unexpected something or take a trip somewhere! It has also allowed us to take a trip together every single year and now we're able to share that with our daughter, Juliana.

Scentsy has allowed us to continue to work our dream jobs as well as support our Scentsy habit and earn additional income to support buying a new home and make room for all of those extra things that my husband and I love to do together and especially now with Juliana too.  We love what we do and we do it all, yes ALL, from HOME!! 

If you are reading our story, we would like to know your's.  Feel free to email us and let us know what it is your are wanting with your life.  Whether it is to just make your home smell amazing with over 80 fabulous scents and accent your home with a choice of over 50 different warmers.....OR....if you looking for something else out of life and think that Scentsy might be the one simple step that you can share with so many people.....I look forward to hearing from YOU!